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Apr 2, 2021

Lydia and Tim have stitched together a brisk episode to help get you into the Easter spirit. Lydia begins by giving a very interesting treatise into the meaning of Easter and why she believes Jesus was a homosexual drug dealer. Tim then presents the research he has been doing all week into April Fools' Day. Tim has gathered strong historical evidence that suggests that not only is April Fools' on the wrong day, but that the holiday is celebrated on the wrong month entirely.

The episode is brought to a timely conclusion with an interview with French artist Paul Toupet. Paul sculpts wax puppets, which resemble children-like figures and rabbit masks. His sculptures with nucleated eyes are adorned in torn tissues or feathers and frequently have hair braids vomiting from the mouth. Paul is influenced by African art, European religious art, and his own exotic tastes. Through his work, Paul is trying to highlight how the world can be peaceful and scary at the same time.

A special thank you goes out to Sebastien Greppo who pulls double duty this week. On most weeks, Sebastien kindly handles all things social media for The Lydian Spin. This week, he also lends a hand translating back and forth between French and English so that Paul, Lydia and Tim can talk.

Happy Easter!