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Sep 20, 2019

When writer Chris Campion was in his early twenties he did a stint as Lydia's bagboy while she toured around the United Kingdom. Since then, Chris went on to become a writer.

He has written numerous articles for The Guardian, as well as several books. Chris wrote the unauthorized Police(Lydia'a least favorite band) biography Walking on the Moon. For the past eight years, he has been working on the definitive biography of Papa John Phillips. While researching a subject Chris follows his nose and as a result, tends to find other subjects to research and write about.  The Papa John subject has led to researching Saturation 7 the UFO movie made by Graham Parsons. Chris's work on a book about photographer Bud Lee led him to Lithofayne Pridgeon the original "Foxy Lady".

Chris is also a ghostwriter and producer of reissues for the label Saint Cecilia Knows.  Lydia and Tim do a deep dive into all of Chris's many projects.