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Oct 1, 2021

Bassist Trevor Dunn began studying the electric bass right after his older brother brought home a 7” of Detroit Rock City. Soon after that, he quickly joined two bands, one was Ful Choke and the other,  was Gemini. In 1986, Trevor, along with Mike Patton and Trey Spruance started the band Mr. Bungle.  Mike Patton's success as the lead singer of Faith No More paved the way for Mr. Bungle being signed to Warner Brothers.

In 2000, Mike relocated to Brooklyn, NY. Currently he plays in several bands such as Endangered Blood, Dan Weiss, Starebaby, SpermChurch and various projects under the direction of John Zorn. Mike also occasionally plays with Wendy Eisenberg, The Melvins, Kris Davis & Oliver Steidle.  He also recently founded the record label Riverworm Records. The first release on the fledgling label comes from Trevor’s project SpermChurch, a poly-electro, pan-genre duo featuring the him alongside Sannety, who covers the electronic portion of the pairing. The album can be purchased at: