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Jul 8, 2022

Photo By: Jasmie Hirst

Photo By: Jasmine Hirst

Penny Arcade is an internationally respected performance artist, writer, poet and experimental theatre maker known for her magnetic stage presence, her take no prisoners wit and her content rich plays and one liners. She is the author of 16 scripted plays and hundreds of performance art pieces. Penny's work has always been focused on giving voice to those marginalized by society. Her willingness to speak truth to power at the expense of her career has made her an icon of artistic resistance. Since 1992 Penny has collaborated with Steve Zehentner , a former architect turned video producer. In 1999 Penny and Steve launched The Lower East Side Biography Project Stemming The Tide Of Cultural Amnesia an oral history video project, a weekly cable series that is broadcast and streamed. The series purpose is to introduce highly self individuated people to the general public.