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Aug 19, 2022

Legendary British punk rock band Eater released their debut album, The Album in 1977.  At the time, most of the band members weren’t even old enough to drive a car. This is likely why the album ended up getting pummeled by the demands of their label, and the fickle trends of the British music business at the time. The band finally has had the chance to revisit the master tapes and reissue a restored version of their debut album, now titled Ant. Andy Blade joins Lydia and Tim to discuss the reissue, what it was like being one on the youngest punk bands at the time, meeting Lou Reed and John Lydon, as well as Eater's upcoming tour with Dinosaur Jr.

On a separate note Lydia and friend of the podcast Jasmine Hirst have been working on a documentary titled Anxiety Depression and Rage, which is a series of interviews with artists, writers and musicians about their struggles with mental health. Jasmine and Lydia are now looking to raise money to finish the documentary. Please checkout the Gofund page which can be found HERE