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Nov 24, 2022

Dave Buddin is a serial composer you should know. To quote Brad Cohan, "David Earl Buddin is a beer-swillin' chain-smoking', gloriously prolific pioneer of electronic music". He spent close to 15 years as roommates with Tim, Simon and Dominika Michalowska in Brooklyn. Dave was much more than a pal who helped pay the rent. He was the thought leader of the house who was always suggesting books, artists and projects that broadened horizons, and more importantly, made every day a huge amount of fun. He named the house(s) The Center of Advanced Research which still lives on as a wifi hotspot.

In 2012, The Village Voice named Dave New York's best composer. His other musical pursuits include being the ringleader of (quoting Cohan again) "the honky tonkin' trio of high rolling drunkards, American Liberty League". He along with Dominika and Kevin Shea founded the noise trio Nebadon. He also worked a day job as the musical director for Park Slope's Grace United Methodist Church. 

Dave founded and was the real editor in chief of the Modern Man ManualCurrently Dave resides in Hilton Head South Carolina where he his working on his extremely entertaining memoirs and writing music.

Happy Thanksgiving!