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May 5, 2023

photo by: Julian Ibbitson

Photo by: Julian Ibbitson

Cathi Unsworth is a renowned British author celebrated for her captivating crime novels and exceptional music journalism. Beginning her career as a writer for music magazines such as Sounds and Melody Maker, she later pivoted to crime fiction, publishing her first novel, The Not Knowing, in 2005. She has since written several acclaimed novels, including The Singer, Bad Penny Blues, Weirdo, and That Old Black Magic. Cathi's writing is admired for its vivid portrayal of London's criminal underworld, skillful weaving of music and popular culture into her stories, and attention to detail.

Her most recent book, The Season of the Witch, explores how goth culture was shaped by the politics of its era. The book delves into how various societal issues like the miners' strikes, privatization, the Troubles, and AIDS, coalesced with innovative, atmospheric music, culminating in a sound that resonated with a generation of disenchanted youth, both within Britain and internationally. The US distributor can be for Cathi's new book can be found here.