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May 19, 2023

Mike Doskocil, the frontman of Drunks With Guns, continues to excite audiences with his persona and controversial actions. Mike's energy propelled the band's presence in the St. Louis music scene. From launching burritos at unsuspecting performers to his captivating stage charisma, Doskocil is the epitome of rock and roll rebellion. Drunks With Guns early performances, including opening slots for renowned acts like 45 Grave and Samhain, solidified their reputation. Following their disbandment, Doskocil and bandmate Stan pursued separate paths, each releasing their own versions of Drunks With Guns records. Despite facing obstacles and rumors of failed tour plans, the band made a comeback in 2018. This reunion reignited interest, leading to additional shows and recording projects. In fact, Drunks With Guns is currently on tour this spring and summer, with an upcoming live performance on May 27th at TV Eye in Brooklyn.