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Jun 2, 2023

Oran Canfield's upbringing took him across various locations, including Massachusetts, Philadelphia, Central America, New Mexico, Arizona, and the San Francisco Bay area. While attending the San Francisco Art Institute, Oran began his career as a drummer and became heavily involved in San Francisco's underground music and art communities. Along with his involvement as a drummer for numerous bands, including Child Abuse and Chaser, he also owned and operated a recording studio and cooperated a music venue featuring experimental and creative jazz music. He has also been a bike messenger, piano restorer, housecleaner, limo driver, and sex-toy maker. Early in 2001, after seven separate stints in rehab, he got clean after attending an experimental treatment center in the Caribbean islands. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, and works as a musician and freelance art handler. Oran's memoir, Long Past Stopping, chronicles his personal journey, including his upbringing, involvement in the underground music scene, battles with addiction, and eventual path to recovery.

On another note, today(June 2nd) is Lydia's Birthday. Happy Birthday Lydia!