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Jan 3, 2020


Richard Kern with Lydia Lunch and Tim Dahl

In the ’80s Richard Kern produced and directed a series of films that are now recognized as the keystone works of the Cinema of Transgression movement.  Notable works include Submit to Me(1985), Thrust In Me(1985) and of course Fingered(1986).

Fingered is directed by Kern and written by Lydia. Lydia plays a phone sex worker who begins a tear through the Californian landscape with former lover and Lydian Spin guest Marty Nation.  In the film's climax, Marty and Lydia defile actress Lung Leg. Interesting factoid, Lung Leg claimed to be tripping on acid the whole time.

Fingered movie poster

During '90s, Richard turned to photography. His photographs are in the collection of MOMA, and published in many well known periodicals. Taschen has published two books of his photography including Action edited by Dian Hanson.

Richard has also directed many music videos including: Death Valley '69(Sonic Youth), Detachable Penis(King Missile),  Lunch Box(Marilyn Manson), and many more.

Lydia and Richard recount their many collaborations including the time they did some shows together in Tokyo. Richard wonders out loud how the heck he was able to procure pig heads before each show. Check out more of Richard's work here.