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Feb 28, 2020

Early on, record label executive, photographer, and author, Michael Alago knew his passions were for music, art, theater, and photography.  Michael followed his passions and before long, he soon found himself rubbing elbows with many downtown New York scene makers, including Stiv Bators, Jean Michel Basquiat, Cherry Vanilla, Wayne County, Deborah Harry and Robert Mapplethorpe. Through this scene Michael also met Lydia.

A few years later, Michael became the assistant music director for the legendary nightclub the Ritz. By twenty-four, he was an A&R executive at Elektra Records. While at Elektra, Michael helped to change the landscape of rock 'n' roll and heavy metal forever by signing Metallica.  He also executive-produced albums by Cyndi Lauper, Public Image Ltd, White Zombie, and Nina Simone.

In the late 1980s, Michael was diagnosed with HIV, which manifested into full-blown AIDS ten years later. He survived and continued his music career. Michael left music in 2005 to pursue one of his other loves: photography. This pursuit resulted in the publishing of three photo books: Rough Gods, Brutal Truth, and Beautiful Imperfections

In 2017, the documentary Who the Fuck Is That Guy? The Fabulous Journey of Michael Alago was released. The documentary covers  Michael's successful career in music, as well as his hard fought recovery from drug addiction and AIDS. Recently Michael finished a memoir titled Michael Alago: Breathing Music Signing Metallica Beating Death, which is due to be officially released this coming March.

The many topics discussed in episode 33 include, Suicide(the band), how to get away with drinking underage at CBGBs, working with Cyndi Lauper, the importance of being a sponge, and pissing on cops legs.