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Apr 10, 2020

Viki Galves has lived a wild life so far. In the early 1970s, she became friends with Ken Kesey by calling him from a payphone  while hitch hiking. One night in New York, she and a girlfriend drove to CBGBs in an old Plymouth. Impressed by Viki's style, Lydia introduced herself and they became long time friends. 

In the early 80s, Viki was an early employee at Def Jam records where she helped produce many of the now classic early rap videos. She married record producer Martin Bisi. She put her heart and soul into running and managing Bisi's B.C. Studio. A legendary Brooklyn recording studio famous for recording much of the No Wave, avant garde, and hip-hop of the early 1980s including Lydia,  Live Skull, Fred Firth, Afrika Bambaata, and Brian Eno.

Viki is also a writer. She has collaborated with Lydia on a screenplay about Lydia's life. The beginning of episode 39 begins with Viki reading a piece of her writing, which is a meditation on the insensitive artist.



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