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Apr 17, 2020

Rachel Mason grew up in Los Angles in what she thought was a fairly typical middle class Jewish household. As she grew older, Rachel discovered that her parents Karen and Barry Mason ran one of the largest gay porn empires in world. The keystone to this empire was the legendary Los Angeles book store Circus of Books. Rachel has made a documentary about her parents, the book store and her family aptly titled Circus of Books.



Rachel's documentary explores the paradox between the store and the Mason home. For 35 years, the store Circus of Books gave Los Angeles’ LGBT+ community a space to socialize and celebrate themselves without judgment.  However, the Masons themselves were more conservative in their personal lives, having hid the nature of their work from both their friends and their three children.

Lydia and Tim pepper Rachel with all the questions you would have wanted to ask. Circus of Books premiers on Netflix April 22. Check it out!



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