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Apr 24, 2020

Tim Dahl and Matt Nelson are 2/3rds of the epic doom jazz/thrash jazz outfit GRID.  GRID's latest live album Decomposing Force is being released April 24, 2020 by NNA Tapes a division of Northern Spy Records. The music review site Something Else Reviews describes GRID well:

GRID doesn’t make music suitable for most moods, and they never set out to do that. But when you’re up for improvisation that’s sinister, angry and capable of cleansing your musical palette of the “same ol’ same ol'”, ain’t nothing else will do.

To celebrate the release of Decomposing Force, the intro to this week's episode is an unreleased GRID track presciently titled Lockdown with Lydia providing vocals for the track. Even better, Decomposing Force is available as a 12 inch LP, or as a digital download. Buy it today, buy it here