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May 15, 2020

Cultural agitator Nandor Nevai is equal parts artist, renegade, philosopher, terrorist and comedian. Over the past three decades, his iconoclastic body of work has encompassed music, film, writing, art and basically any other medium he can get his hands on. Everything Nandor creates imparts his uniquely psychedelic worldview and boldly pushes the limits of form, taste and logic. Nandor has also lived fearlessly at the edges of society and sanity, intersecting with many disparate scenes and luminaries. His latest release, the first in a series of three, is a boldly graphic adults-only memoir titled <<<The Price of Frontier>>>. The deluxe hardcover book features unbelievably bizarre real life stories. The book also includes four CDs worth of his outlandish improvised words and music.  <<The Price of Frontier>> can be purchased at .