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Jul 24, 2020

Lydia & Zoe Hansen(photo by: Jasmine Hirst)Photo by: Jasmine Hirst

Zoe Hansen, writer, performer, spoken word artist - came to New York City in 1984 as a teen runaway from an upper class life in London, England and moved into the Chelsea Hotel before settling in the East Village. She has lectured at colleges and universities, hosted a year-long residency at Bowery Poetry Club, has curated spoken word and music events and has been published in numerous Anthologies, magazines and online blogs.  

Zoe now resides in Los Angeles where she’s working on her ASMR youtube channel- The House of ASMR. A unique relaxation technique that triggers your senses.

 She is writing & producing various forms of art in video format. Her quest for purity under the guidance of the goddess and a pagan lifestyle continues. 

Find her the following socials: 

 Instagram TV ZoeHansen_77

YouTube The House of ASMR