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Sep 13, 2019

Lydia and Tim are back in Joshua Tree for an outdoors interview with former music equipment trader, music producer, father of American karaoke and, film producer Chris Hanley.



Chris is best known for producing independent films such as Buffalo '66The Virgin SuicidesAmerican PsychoSpunSpring Breakers, and London FieldsLydia and Chris talk about his early interest in electronic music.

During the interview, he describes how music led him to start a career trading in hard to get music equipment. In the 1980s, Chris founded the New York recording studio Intergalactic Studios. At the studio, he recorded artists such as Africa BambattaSoul Sonic ForceLisa LisaThe Ramones, and Blondie minus Debbie Harry.

Intergalactic Studios leads to the launching of Rock Video International. Rock Video International, was the first company to license MTV videos for distribution in Japan and the first to bring music videos to then communist Eastern Bloc countries.

Chris claims that he is "the father of American karaoke". Through Rock Videos International, he was the first to bring karaoke to the United States and the rest of the world.

Lydia and Tim delve into not only his career in music, but also his long list of accomplishments as a film producer. 

In 1991, Chris and his wife Roberta founded Muse Productions, Inc. to develop and produce feature films.

Their first film was Split Second, starring Rutger HauerPeter PostlethwaiteKim CattrallMichael J. Pollard, and Ian Dury. After this first project, they went on to produce Steve Buscemi's Trees LoungeFreeway, and Buffalo '66.

Muse also produced The Virgin Suicides,  American Psycho, and Spring BreakersChris generously shares many great insights and stories.