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Jun 4, 2021

Sydney Silver is a founding member of the seminal, all-female punk band The Lunachicks. The band released six albums and toured internationally for almost thirteen years. The New York Times described them as “feminist, trashy, righteous, foul-mouthed and certainly fun.”

Sydney and her bandmate's have a book out titled Fallopian Rhapsody: The Story of the Lunachicks. which was released this past Tuesday by Hachette Books. The book is a coming-of-age tale about a band of NYC teenagers who would eventually become the Lunachicks. These teenagers forged a sisterhood, found salvation, and fervently crashed the gates of punk rock during the '90s, accidentally becoming feminist icons along the way. More than that, the book is a story about the enduring friendship among the book's three main character: Theo Kogan, Gina Volpe and Sydney, who formed the Lunachicks at LaGuardia High School in the late '80s and had a record deal with Blast First Records as teenagers, as a result of being discovered  one night by Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore.

In addition to being an author, Sydney also is a successful entrepreneur. In 2005 she opened the acclaimed Roebling Tea Room in Willamsburg Brooklyn. Currently she runs Boss Coaching, which provides life and business coaching services.