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Jul 26, 2019

Lydia Lunch and Tim Dahl head over to Silver Lake to artist Ron Athey's apartment to talk to Ron about his life and art. Ron is an internationally known performance artist. Some of his many notable works include Four Scenes in a Harsh Life(1994),  Incorruptible Flesh Series(1996-2013), Solar Anus(1998) and Acephalous Monster(2018).

Ron Athey

Ron describes what it was like growing up in Pomona California in a 1960s fervently religious household, where he was encouraged to speak in tongues.  He talks about his path from the church to his performances and who influenced his work along the way.  In the 1980s dead senator Jesse Helms denounced Ron's art as depraved. Ron offers his insights into the aftermath of the attack by Helms on the National Endowment of the Arts.