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Oct 26, 2019

It is Halloween Season and to celebrate, this week's guest is film producer Heather Buckley.

New Jersey native Heather Buckley has been a horror junkie and punk rocker her entire life. In addition to producing an incredible amount of films, she’s an actress, writer and self described problem solver. Heather produced the horror film The Ranger(2018). She tells Lydia and Tim she became the producer of the film after helping director and friend Jenn Wexler to pitch The Ranger to potential investors.

Lydia and Tim discuss all things horror with Heather. Lydia explains why she hates comedy in horror movies and why people do not like to watch horror films with her. Heather and Tim share a love for the mechanics of gorey special effects. Heather is generous sharing her in depth knowledge of the business of horror films, and her love for the history and craft of horror.