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Nov 24, 2023

Ric Royer, a writer and performer, is known for crafting narratives that are both mordant and morbid, as well as staging plays characterized by absurd wonder. As the founder and artistic director of Psychic Readings Co, a performance collective established in 1999, Rick has consistently entertained, frightened, and confused audiences with interdisciplinary productions.  Currently residing in the Catskills, Rick collaborates with long-time music partner G Lucas Crane, engaging in various music and performance projects such as The Coincidental Hour. Ricks's literary works, include novels Gonzales , and his latest novel, which he reads from on today's episode, Niagra Falls is out now on Jeff Schneiders Pig Roast Publishing imprint. Additionally, he co-hosts the radio show I Have Seen Niagara and, with G Lucas Crane.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of the Lydian Spin listeners out there. We hope you all have a happy and safe Turkey day!