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Sep 22, 2023

Denton, Texas native Rick Eye is a guitarist involved in several bands, including Bitch Teeth, Gay Cum Daddies, Flesh Narc (his main band), and Vomitatrix, with whom he is currently on tour in Europe with bandmates Tim, Weasel Walter, and Gyna Bootleg.

Early in his career, Rick faced a crucial decision: whether to relocate to a cultural hub like New York or to cultivate a cultural scene in Denton. Fortunately for Denton, he chose the latter path. Rick began establishing connections with artists he admired and started bringing them to his town. As a result, Denton has evolved into a thriving center of cool.

Presently, Rick is responsible for booking events at the beloved Rubber Gloves club in Denton, a venue that Tim considers the coolest music club in the United States.