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May 7, 2021

Nine months ago Youtube commenter Eric Gabbard wrote the following about the seminal San Diego band Drive Like Jehu:

I’ve listened to a “shit ton” of music in my life...obsessively at times...and I’m about to turn 46. This band was amazing. I keep coming back to it. I was a teenager at the time and listened to this, along with the Melvins, Fugazi, and another big one was Faith No More’s Angel Dust. Great times driving around at night listening to this disc without a care in the world... So goddamn good

Musician and artist Rick Froberg fronted Drive Like Jehu and many noted bands that have inspired the same type of devotion and admiration in music fans like Eric. These bands include PitchforkHot Snakes, and The Obits.

Rick also has a devoted following as an artist. To date, Rick has created album covers and posters for all his bands—often under the moniker "Rick Fork". He has worked at Funny Garbage (Gary Panter’s interactive design company), contributed illustrations to the New York Times, created a line of T-shirts for Altamont Apparel, and shown his art at galleries across the country.