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Nov 12, 2021

Admiral Grey is known as the virtuosic frontwoman for Cellular Chaos ,and as a veteran underground NY multidisciplinary artist and performer in both the experimental music (Glass Lamborghini, Drayton Sawyer Gang) and theater scenes (Sister Sylvester, The Nerve Tank, The Drunkard's Wife). She has composed music, writing, video, theater, costume and puppets since she was a child, with her works across genres and mediums carrying a recognizable thread of humanist existentialism, clowning and pageantry, sincerity mixed with satire, tragicomedy, and a repurposed maximalism she calls Povluxe - a style of luxurious extravagance created out of poverty items like thrift, cheap goods and trash. She is currently producing a sweeping multimedia piece called The Human Dream Project which takes recordings of people intimately describing their dreams and illustrates them through puppetry, stop-motion animation, original music, and video art.