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Dec 22, 2023

Roddy Bottum, the seasoned Faith No More co-founder and keyboardist, made waves in the early '90s by publicly coming out, which at the time defied norms in the rock scene. In 2012, he shared his experience with Out Magazine, highlighting the excitement and danger of being openly gay at the time. Now, collaborating with boyfriend Joey Holman, Roddy launched MAN ON MAN during COVID isolation, with the aim of staying creatively active. Their debut song, Daddy, challenges gay stereotypes, celebrating love in isolation all the while presenting a raw and unpolished facet of queer community. This past summer they released a new album Provincetown and the duo also concluded a European tour in early December. 

Finally, wishing you all a holiday season filled with warmth and joy. Your support and enthusiasm is the heartbeat of Lydian Spin and has and continues to be a great gift!