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Jun 12, 2020

In 1987, Lori Barbero wanted to learn how to play drums and start a band. That same year, she attended a Minneapolis barbecue where she met singer/guitarist Kat Bjelland.  Even though Barbero was not a drummer at the time she convinced Kat to form the iconic ‘90s band, Babes in Toyland. The rest, is music history. Babes played together for 14 years (Courtney Love and Jennifer Finch were members briefly). They put out a single for Sub Pop‘s singles club, released three albums, and traveled the world before disbanding in 2001.

After Babes in Toyland broke up, Lori played drums for the bands Eggtwist and Koalas. She was also part owner of the Minneapolis label Spanish Fly Records, whose roster included Smut, Dumpster Juice, Milk, REO Speedealer, Sleep Capsule, and Likehell. Currently, Lori lives in Minneapolis and is working on a photo book that is going to be a collection of her vast archive.