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Jun 26, 2020

Buzz Osborne

Buzz Osborne is a founding member of the MelvinsFantômas and Venomous Concept. Buzz has played on more than 50 recordings on various labels, and performed well over 2000 shows. In 2012 the Melvins became the first band to release three different albums in the same year with three different lineups of the band. Setting one record was clearly not enough. That same year, the Melvins did a spring tour of the U.S., a Canadian tour, and a London show with Slayer to 10,000 people, then played shows in all 50 states, plus DC, in a record-setting 51 days.  

Buzz has a new album coming out titled Gift of Sacrifice, which will be released in August.  Check out the video for the song from the album  I’m Glad I Could Help Out. The album was recorded with Mr. Bungle bassist and his former bandmate Trevor Dunn.