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Jul 2, 2020

Mark Mcloud at his home in San Francisco

Mark McCloud lives in a victorian row house in San Francisco where he has lived since 1983.  Mark has transformed his home into a museum that displays around 33,000 tabs of LSD that he has carefully collected, framed, and catalogued since the 1960s. This collection makes Mark hands down the world’s leading collector of blotter art. 

Mark McCloud's living room with walls adorned with blotter art.

A small piece of Mark's blotter art collection.

From time to time an undercover DEA agent will visit Mark. These visits are a fools errand as the tabs are inactive at this point, leading any who attempt to arrest Mark to be quite disappointed. Though the hallucinatory properties of the drug are gone, the art that blotter manufacturers created to adorn their sheets of acid remains.

A photograph of Timothy Leary and Albert Hoffman from the Mark McCloud's collection.

Lydia and Tim had a long and discursive conversation with Mark at his home in San Francisco. This interview will pair well with whatever you are doing this 4th of July. Enjoy the fireworks of Mark McCloud's mind!