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Aug 28, 2020

Bibbe Hansen grew up in New York around two of the biggest art movements of the 20th century Fluxus and Pop Art. Bibbe’s father, was Fluxus artist Al Hansen, whose first performance piece was pushing a piano out of a bombed-out building in Germany while he was serving as a soldier. This performance would later be covered by Bibbe’s two sons, Beck and Channing Hansen.

Bibbe was an active participant in her father’s work and tagged along with him to film screenings and art openings that were attended by Andy Warhol, who she would later collaborate with on films. The collaboration started when as a teenager, Bibbe wound up getting into trouble and going to jail for several months. On her first day of freedom, Bibbe and her father went out to eat with her dad’s artist friends, which included Andy Warhol. Warhol was taken by her jail tales and cast her as a co-star in the film Prison along with Edie Sedgwick. Thus began Bibbe's immersion into Warhol's factory scene.

By the late-1960s, Bibbe moved to Los Angeles where she married her first husband, musician David Campbell. In 1984, after the marriage ended Bibbe married artist Sean Carrillo. Together they opened the now legendary Los Angeles gallery and performance venue the Troy Café. During this time Bibbe played in the band Black Fag with “terrorist drag” performer Vaginal Davis.

Currently, like the rest of us, Bibbe and Sean are in quarantine. She spends her days in upstate New York either working in her art studio, organizing the Al Hansen archive with Sean, or working on her memoir. In this episode, Bibbe shares many great stories and several poems, including one about her friend Edie Sedgwick.