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Aug 30, 2019

Lydia and Tim are back in Joshua Tree, where they have an outdoors chat with writer John Tottenham. At the request of Lydia, John generously reads several of his poems.

John is the author of The Inertia Variations, an epic cycle on the subject of work-avoidance, indolence, and failure.  Antiepithalamia & Other Poems of Regret and Resentment, a sequence of mean-spirited love poems, was published by Penny-Ante Press in October 2012.

A sonic and cinematic interpretation of The Inertia Variations by The The (Matt Johnson) was released in late 2017.

He is also an old-fashioned paint and brushes man, whose paintings and drawings have been exhibited at galleries in Los Angeles and New York. 

Tottenham’s final collection of poetry, The Hate Poems, representing the dregs of his output between the years 2012 and 2015, was published by Amok press in late 2018.