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Nov 30, 2019

Marty Nation said , "if the price of going fast is to crash so be it". He is no hypocrite, he has lived by those words.

Marty was also Lydia's ex-boyfriend and costar in Richard Kern's film Fingered. Lydia met Marty when he was a hair dresser for people such as Threes Company star Joyce Dewitt. Marty has also been a sous chef at the Ritz Carlton, owned a restaurant in Ojai California, continues to race and fix motorcycles, and he is according to Lydia  "basically one of the freest people on the planet".

Lydia Lunch, Marty Nation and Marty's brown 1958 Ford brown pickup

In this episode, Lydia and Marty talk about the many adventures, they have been on together, Marty's motorcycle crashes, the power of facing extreme pain, and Marty's childhood misadventures growing up in Topanga Canyon two doors down from the Manson ranch.